same story. switch the genders.


The world is full of stories. So full of stories, that they eventually all sound the same. No matter who says it, who reads it, who draws it, who sings it, who writes it, the story sounds the same. So similar, conclusions are inferred. Conclusions about these stories. That these stories might actually just be one story. The same story.

The world has only one story:

Man saves World.

The same story becomes overplayed and overdone. It becomes the anthem for a presidential campaign and eventually the sprawling on the White House banner. It becomes the blaring tones of the world and the quiet smell in the air.

But what if the story was different.

No, not too different. Not the kind of different that would make investors nervous, that would make agents shy, that would make the creative world hesitant.

Okay, same story.

The same story that is told and sang and drawn. But this time, the genders are switched.

Woman saves World.

Read this blog, eat this blog, digest this blog, then poop it out. Every version of the same story, but the gender roles are reversed. The Little Mermaid, but Ariel is deep-voiced Art. Aladdin, but Adala has long hair and saves Prince Jasper. Star Wars, but Chewbacca has to smooch into the metal bikini.

Take a look at the stories in the menu bar and remember to scroll down to the beginning. There’s a story about the girl who remained, the girl who is their only hope and the girl who is turned into a hog. Try to guess which story I am parodying. This is not a revolution. It is just the…
same story. switch the genders.